Press Release

8th October, 2020

Morning talk with Studio 10 about the Travelling Puzzle

12th September, 2020

Velcro Couch with Dan and Steph

9th September, 2020

ABC Radio Alice Springs with Nadine Maloney

7th September, 2020

Radio 2GB Drive Show with Jim Wilson

18th August, 2020

Radio interview with Dan and Steph at Southern FM radio, Melbourne

8th July, 2020

Success is no puzzle at all

10th June, 2020

How to solve puzzles like a jigsaw champion

16th May, 2020

‘Enjoying monotony helps’: how to take on the world in competitive jigsaw puzzling

12th May, 2020

Can’t finish the jigsaw puzzles you’ve bought in iso? Don’t worry, we asked one of Australia’s best competitive puzzlers for the ultimate solving strategies

9th May, 2020

Piecing together why puzzles are popular again

16th April, 2020

Competitive Puzzling – We learn what it takes to be a competing puzzler

9th April, 2020

Competitive puzzling and the jigsaw renaissance


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