A pizza party like no other!

A pizza party like no other!

In the world of online puzzling, enthusiasts were treated to an extraordinary challenge at the recent Mr Bob’s Pizza Party online race, held by the Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Association (AJPA) on 2 March 2024. The event showcased a novel puzzle concept, the Hexas pizza puzzle, designed by Mr Bob Puzzles and Joey Llama. Mr Bob and Joey also joined the event as special guest hosts to talk about how they came up with the concept.

The Hexas puzzle has a mere 121 pieces, but presents a unique twist on traditional jigsaw puzzles. Participants were tasked with assembling a double-layered wooden jigsaw puzzle, requiring the construction of both the ‘saucy’ base and the topping or filling, which came in six delectable options: Spicy Veggie, Hawaiian, The Works, Pepperoni, and Cheese.

“The puzzle at this race was different from anything our puzzlers have ever done before,” remarked Tammy, AJPA’s online event coordinator. “We had really good feedback, and many are keen to do another event like this.”

Competing in pairs, the fastest duo clocked an impressive time of 19 minutes and 57 seconds. Other pairs took between 22 minutes and almost 2 hours to complete the challenge.

Participants said they loved the challenge, with one commenting that, “it was fun competing in something slightly different that almost no one had done before”.

The winners won the full 6 in 1 party pack pictured above.

To find out more about Mr Bob’s puzzles, including the Hexas range, visit www.mrbobpuzzles.com.

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